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[SND]1974_NixonResigns.mp32023-04-07 11:59 5453k
[SND]1974_NixonsFinalPresidentialSpeech.mp32023-04-07 12:00 23350k
[SND]ABC News 73-05-07 7_30am [Bill Beal] Bob Dole Opines. Israel Turns 25. WBCE A...2023-04-07 12:00 4831k
[SND]CBC News 73-10-22 Eliot Richardson Explains His Decision to Resign (v).mp32023-04-07 12:02 27677k
[SND]CBS 73-06-07 News [Christopher Glen] Prosecutor Cox to Release Summary of Wat...2023-04-07 12:00 4723k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-07 [Dan Rather] USMC Commandant Involved in Break...2023-04-07 12:01 5603k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-09 [Bob Shiaffer] Stories that Might Have Been Ne...2023-04-07 12:01 5533k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-11 [Robert Pierpoint] Revolving Doors at the Whit...2023-04-07 12:02 5533k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-16 [Dan Rather] Republicans Trying to Build a Fir...2023-04-07 12:02 4597k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-17 [Marvin Kalb] Kissenger's Washington Problems ...2023-04-07 12:02 5627k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-21 [Dan Rather] A Reporter's Travels & the Polls ...2023-04-07 12:03 5675k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-22 [Marvin Kalb] The Right to be Let Alone (v).mp32023-04-07 12:03 5659k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-23 [Dan Rather] President Admits Limited Knowledg...2023-04-07 12:03 5627k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-24 [Marvin Kalb] Watergate and Foreign Embassies ...2023-04-07 12:03 5659k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-25 [Dan Rather] President Nixon Takes to the Atta...2023-04-07 12:04 5627k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-28 [Dan Rather] Some Future Americans & Their Par...2023-04-07 12:04 5565k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-29 [D. Rather] Agnew Could be Indicted. Prices Ri...2023-04-07 12:04 5301k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-29 [George Herman] The Codfish War (v).mp32023-04-07 12:04 5721k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-05-30 [Dan Rather] The President's Trip to Iceland (...2023-04-07 12:05 5515k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-15 [Dan Rather] New Faces in Old Jobs (v) .mp32023-04-07 12:05 5503k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-15 [Dan Rather] The New Nixon Team_ What's Good ...2023-04-07 12:05 5471k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-18 [Dan Rather] Brezhnev, Watergate, and the Econ...2023-04-07 12:05 5627k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-18 [Dan Rather] Nixon's Seventh Crisis (v).mp32023-04-07 12:05 5627k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-19 [Bernard Kalb] Brezhnev & Nixon Summit, Peking...2023-04-07 12:06 5675k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-19 [Bernard Kalb] China's Summit Concerns (v) .mp32023-04-07 12:06 5705k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-20 [D. Rather] Nixon Compromises with Congress (v...2023-04-07 12:06 5689k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-20 [Dan Rather] Good News about the Economy (v).mp32023-04-07 12:06 5659k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-21 [Marvin Kalb] Bresnev's U.S. Visit (v).mp32023-04-07 12:06 5675k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-21 [Marvin Kalb] Incidental Comments on the Summi...2023-04-07 12:06 5675k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-27 [Robert Pierpoint] Nixon's Personal Style (v) ...2023-04-07 12:07 5689k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-27 [Robert Pierpoint] Nixon's Personal Style a Pr...2023-04-07 12:07 5659k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-28 [Marvin Kalb] Meeting with Newsman & Responsi...2023-04-07 12:07 5643k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-28 [Marvin Kalb] White House Eludes News Conferen...2023-04-07 12:07 5675k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-29 [Robert Pierpoint] 'Attack on Dean not from Ni...2023-04-07 12:07 5611k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-29 [Robert Pierpoint] Blaming John Dean Fails as ...2023-04-07 12:07 5533k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-06-30 [Marvin Kalb] Compromise on Capitol Hill (v).mp32023-04-07 12:07 5597k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-02 [Robert Pierpoint] The Cost of 'Casa Pacifica'...2023-04-07 12:07 5753k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-03 [Marvin Kalb] Stopping the Cambodia Bombing¿ ...2023-04-07 12:07 5737k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-04 [Dan Rather] Gasoline Shortage Suspicions (v) ...2023-04-07 12:07 5711k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-05 [Marvin Kalb] UNESCO's Privacy Fears (v).mp32023-04-07 12:08 5565k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-06 [Dan Rather] China Day at San Clemente (v).mp32023-04-07 12:08 5611k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-07 [Marvin Kalb] Oil, and the Link to Israel (v) ...2023-04-07 12:08 5597k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-11 [Dan Rather] Nixon’s Phase-4 Economic Progra...2023-04-07 12:08 5419k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-12 [Marvin Kalb] The Fullbright-Jackson Duel (v).mp32023-04-07 12:08 5533k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-13 [Dan Rather] Nixon Hospitalized with Pnemonia ...2023-04-07 12:09 4533k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-20 [Dan Rather] President Leaves the Hospital (v)...2023-04-07 12:09 5439k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-24 [Marvin Kalb] All Quiet at the State Departmen...2023-04-07 12:09 5597k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-25 [Dan Rather] John Connelly, Melvyn Laird to Re...2023-04-07 12:09 5565k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-07-31 [Marvin Kalb] Whitlam Leaves, Tanaka Arrives (...2023-04-07 12:10 5675k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-01 [Dan Rather] 'Murky, Vicious, Little Things' (...2023-04-07 12:10 5519k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-03 [Marvin Kalb] Kissinger Speaks around Watergat...2023-04-07 12:10 5667k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-07 [Marvin Kalb] New Cambodia Operations Hearings...2023-04-07 12:10 5689k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-08 [Dan Rather] Agnew Battles to Save Reputation ...2023-04-07 12:10 5643k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-09 [Marvin Kalb] Cambodia Bombings, Then & Now (v...2023-04-07 12:11 5767k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-10 [Dan Rather] Re-Thinking the Un-Thinkable (v) ...2023-04-07 12:11 5767k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-11 [Marvin Kalb] Oil, & the Fuel Shortage (v) .mp32023-04-07 12:11 5737k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-13 [Dan Rather] The 25th Amendment (v) No Open .mp32023-04-07 12:11 4331k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-14 [Marvin Kalb] End of Cambodia Bombings (v) .mp32023-04-07 12:11 5581k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-15 [Dan Rather] Nixon’s 3rd Explaination of Wat...2023-04-07 12:12 5675k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-16 [Marvin Kalb] All Quiet Over Cambodia (v) .mp32023-04-07 12:12 5661k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-23 [Marvin Kalb] Rogers Resigns, Kissenger New Se...2023-04-07 12:12 5845k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-24 [D. Rather] Regan Considering Bid for W.H. in ...2023-04-07 12:12 5745k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-08-25 [Marvin Kalb] Sec. of State Rogers' Meets the ...2023-04-07 12:12 5549k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-09-30 [D. Rather] Connelly Considered to Replace Agn...2023-04-07 12:13 6795k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-0x-xx [Marvin Kalb] Russian Missile Superiority. Ant...2023-04-07 12:13 5655k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-10-20 [D. Rather] Nixon Fires Watergate Special Pros...2023-04-07 12:13 5673k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-10-22 [Bob Schieffer] A's Win WS, Middle East Crisis...2023-04-07 12:13 5513k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-10-27 [D. Rather] The Crisis of Confidence. Alka Sel...2023-04-07 12:14 5613k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-11-08 [Bernard Kalb] Kom’s Sacred Icon. Ford (v).mp32023-04-07 12:14 5553k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-11-26 [B. Schieffer] Latest Developments of Tapes. A...2023-04-07 12:14 5375k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-11-28 [D. Rather] The Confusion Factor. Milton Bradl...2023-04-07 12:14 5287k
[SND]CBS First Line Report 73-11-30 Bernard Kalb] Duo of Détente. True Value (v).mp32023-04-07 12:14 5433k
[SND]CBS News & Analysis 71-08-08 [Roger Mudd] Tape Doctoring (v).mp32023-04-07 12:14 5753k
[SND]CBS News & Analysis 73-04-30 [Richard C. Hottelet] White House Swept Clean (v...2023-04-07 12:15 5439k
[SND]CBS News & Analysis 73-05-07 [Walter Cronkite] NY Times Interview of George M...2023-04-07 12:15 5519k
[SND]CBS News & Analysis 73-05-09 [Walter Cronkite] A Look at Impeachment (v).mp32023-04-07 12:15 5523k
[SND]CBS News & Analysis 73-07-10 [Roger Mudd] Mitchell Publicises His Role in Wat...2023-04-07 12:15 5439k
[SND]CBS News & World Tonight 71-08-08 Agnew Protests Attacks Against Him WBEN (v)...2023-04-07 12:16 18847k
[SND]CBS News & World Tonight 73-07-10 John Mitchell Takes Stand Today WBEN (v) .mp32023-04-07 12:15 18065k
[SND]CBS News 73-05-01, 6am [Charles Osgood] Nixon's Speech, Kissenger's Viet Nam ...2023-04-07 12:16 5533k
[SND]CBS News 73-05-07, 6am [Dallas Townsend] Eliot Richardson, Colorado Floods, C...2023-04-07 12:16 5627k
[SND]CBS News 73-05-07, 7am.[Charles Osgood] Cushman Authorizrd Use of Surveillanc...2023-04-07 12:16 5643k
[SND]CBS News 73-07-01 [Marvin Kalb] Israeli Ambassador Slain in D.C. WHCU Airchec...2023-04-07 12:16 5675k
[SND]CBS News 73-07-01 [Tony Sargent] Col. Yosef Alon Assassinated in NYC WHCU, It...2023-04-07 12:17 5737k
[SND]CBS News 73-07-15 [Walter Cronkite] Middle-east Cease-Fire in Effect (v).mp32023-04-07 12:17 5619k
[SND]CBS News 73-10-27 Nixon to Surrender tapes to Judge Sirica (v).mp32023-04-07 12:18 14057k
[SND]CBS News 73-10-31 [Walter Cronkite] Donald Segretti’s Dirty Tricks [Muskie,...2023-04-07 12:17 5637k
[SND]CBS News 73-11-02 [Walter Cronkite] Nixon Reverses Decision on Tapes (v).mp32023-04-07 12:17 5647k
[SND]CBS News 73-11-07 [W. Cronkite] Nixon’s Energy Initiatives Reviewed (v).mp32023-04-07 12:18 3849k
[SND]CBS News 73-11-09 [W. Cronkite] Case of Lester Zygmanik. True Value (v).mp32023-04-07 12:18 5589k
[SND]CBS News 73-12-06 [Neil Strauser] Gerald Ford Vice Pres. Acceptance Speech (v...2023-04-07 12:19 15271k
[SND]CBS News Special Report 73-07-01 [Bernard Kalb] Economic Address by President...2023-04-07 12:19 13711k
[SND]CBS News Special Report 73-08-15 Discussion of President Nixon’s Speech (v)...2023-04-07 12:22 22519k
[SND]CBS News Special Report 73-08-15 Nixon Addresses Nation on Watergate Scandal ...2023-04-07 12:22 35205k
[SND]CBS News Special Report 73-08-xx Nixon's Speech on Legislative Goals (v).mp32023-04-07 12:23 18629k
[SND]CBS News Special Report 73-10-26 [N. Strauser ] Press Conf. on Middle East Cr...2023-04-07 12:24 37953k
[SND]CBS News Special Report 73-11-01 Leon Jaworski Named Special Prosecutor WBEN,...2023-04-07 12:24 20159k
[SND]CBS News Special Report 73-11-17 [V. Benton] Nixon Press Conference from Orl...2023-04-07 12:31 83411k
[SND]CBS News Special Report 73-11-25 [R. Pierpoint] Nixon Energy Speech (Follow-u...2023-04-07 12:26 18227k
[SND]CBS News Special Report 73-11-26 Nixon Turns Over Tapes to Judge Sirica (v).mp32023-04-07 12:28 23841k
[SND]CBS Radio News Special Report 73-04-30 Nixon Denies Any Wrong-Doing (v).mp32023-04-07 12:30 23377k
[SND]CBS Radio News Special Report 73-07-01 Nixon Addresses the Nation's Economy &...2023-04-07 12:30 13699k
[SND]CBS World News Roundup 73-10-22 Review of the “Saturday Massacre’ (v).mp32023-04-07 12:31 8521k
[SND]Face the Nation 73-07-01 Guest, Charles Colson (v) .mp32023-04-07 12:32 27565k
[SND]Face the Nation 73-07-08 Guest, Senator Robert Bird {D-WV) (v) .mp32023-04-07 12:33 27159k
[SND]Face the Nation 73-07-15 Guest, Senator Daniel K. Inouqye [D-HI] (v).mp32023-04-07 12:34 27127k
[SND]Face the Nation 73-08-05 Guest, Senator Herman Talmadge D-GA (v) .mp32023-04-07 12:35 28315k
[SND]Face the Nation 73-08-12 Guest, Senator Lowell E. Weicker Jr. R-CT (v) .mp32023-04-07 12:37 26845k
[SND]Face the Nation 73-08-20 Guest Sen. George McGovern, on Watergate Tapes (v).mp32023-04-07 12:37 26858k
[SND]Face the Nation 73-11-23 Guest, Sen. Charles Mathias Jr. R-MD, on Nixon’s C...2023-04-07 12:39 26867k
[SND]History-richardM.Nixon-ResignationAddress_64kb.mp32023-04-07 12:38 1696k
[SND]Lowell Thomas, News 73-04-30 Watergate, Wage-Price Bill, Deceptive Packaging ...2023-04-07 12:38 8487k
[SND]Lowell Thomas, News 73-05-07 Nixon Denys All Wrong-doing. Fighting in Beirut ...2023-04-07 12:39 8565k
[SND]WBEN & CBS World Tonight 73-04-30 Dean Sacked_ Haldeman & Erlichman Resign (v...2023-04-07 12:39 17767k
[SND]WBEN & CBS World Tonight 73-05-07 [Doug Edwards] Chas Colson involved in Pent...2023-04-07 12:40 18361k
[SND]WBEN & CBS World Tonight 73-05-09 [Doug Edwards] Dean_ Haldeman, Erlichman to...2023-04-07 12:40 18127k
[SND]WBEN & CBS World Tonight 73-05-11 John Mitchell, Maurice Stands Indicted. Dea...2023-04-07 12:41 18081k
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