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Some Changes Are Being Made

When I setup this website 15 years ago, OTR was a business to many.

Since then the Old Time Radio Researchers (OTRR) group has expanded significantly resulting in a lot of duplicaton between what I was doing and what is being done by OTRR.

Therefore I am deleting those files that are availble by OTRR and providing a link to those files. The link is in the left panel.

What Is Not Changing

You will never be asked to contribute money.  If I can’t afford it then I don’t need to be hosting a website.

OTR files will be available as series after being checked and uniformly named using the OTRR program otter.

You will be able to download as much as you want whenever you want.

If my programs are incorrectly labeled you will be able to tell me in a blog so that I can make the corrections.

If you have programs you want to share you can contact me to upload them to this site.


NOTE: To the best of the my knowledge all of the shows available here not in violation of the DMCA. If I am mistaken in any way please contact me and I will take the appropriate action.